Thorogood Uniform » ASR: Athletic Slip Resisting

Innovation, ahead of its time, is the trademark of Thorogood's new ASR Ultra Light uniform footwear. WIth a combination of advanced design, the newest materials technology and quality manufacturing - the ASR collection defines the benchmark for the competition to strive for.

Thorogood's exclusive Athletic Slip-Resisting (ASR) uniform footwear is ideal if you are looking for high-performance athletic comfort, ultra-light construction, multi-traction slip-resisting tread design and enhanced 100% non-metallic tactical styling.

The ASR outsole (above) features a specially formulated dual-density rubber sole compound that was created exclusively
for the variety of treacherous work environments that require maximum traction and stability on hard work surfaces. This formulation combined with Thorogood's exclusive ASR tread design, ensure that you can work with confidence and in
comfort throughout the day.

The ASR collection is available in both safety and non-safety styles, and 8", 6" mid-cut, oxford, and slip-on styles.

Recommended for: law enforcement and private security personnel primarily stationed indoors; food service and and hospitality industry employees working in or around dry and wet/dry environments.