Shoe Ins

Give dirt the boot! - Keep floors clean indoors or boots clean outdoors.

Shoe-Ins provide the ultimate protection from the mud, dirt and grim of a jobsite or backyard. The convenient slip-on/slip-off design allows wearers to protect their boots in the worse conditions AND help prevent tracking dirt indoors - STOPPING DIRT AT THE DOOR! Made of high-quality EVA material for lasting comfort, Shoe-Ins are available in a variety of job-fitted styles; open toe, closed toe, studded (for icy conditions) and raised (for concrete finishing). Easy to clean, hands-free on/off use and no left/right configuration make Shoe-Ins ultra convenient - they just make sense wherever you find dirt. View Shoe-In catalog page (PDF).

Available at:

Gardener's Supply Company

Shoe In Pro Finish

Check out our Shoe-In YouTube videos!

   Click to view a collection of videos demonstrating the convenience of Shoe-In overshoe
   technology. Including, our newest Ice-T ice traction system.

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