Thorogood Fire

Since 1975, Thorogood's FIRE boots have provided the safety, durability and comfort demanded by fire fighting professionals - looking for state-of-the-art technology that delivers safety and performance.

When it counts, either in the thick of a structural fire, wildland fire or medical emergency response, Thorogood engineering provides the durability for a long-lasting duty life and the components that allow safety professionals to concentrate on their jobs - protecting and serving the public.

Demonstrating their dedication to become the industry leader, Thorogood has introduced innovations in slip resistant and puncture resistant technology that have made FIRE boots more safer than ever before. Recent advancements have led to the introductions of the KnockDown (structural) EliteLearn More and FireStalker (wildland) EliteLearn More - Thorogood's newest and best designs.

Whichever FIRE boot your crew needs, Thorogood has a style to meet either the toughest NFPA standards or a safety professionals' most demanding personal preferences. Select from structural, wildland, EMS, TRI, rubber hazmat or station boots and shoes - over 45 styles available for both male and female professionals.

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